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Seamaster were one of the first companies to produce GRP craft, from the mid fifties until their closure in 1981. Around twenty different models of cruiser were built over their years, plus a handful of yachts.

More information can be found at the Seamaster Owners Club.

Here are just a few of their most popular models found as hirecraft, although today the highest numbers are in private ownership.

Seamaster 27:

Built betwen 1965 and 1974 in high numbers. This 27ft aft cockpit cruiser accommodates up to 4.

Seamaster 813:

A sleek and stylish 27ft 2-4 berth aft cockpit cruiser introduced in 1972:

Seamasater 8 Metre:

Built from 1970 a neat mid cockpit cruiser with two singles and bathroom forward and a double dinette & galley aft:

Seamaster 30:

Launched in 1970 and a big success. Layouts include an aft cabin with either two singles or fixed double and second bathroom. Forward cabin includes double dinette with galley opposite and bathroom & twin cabin forward.