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Past Fleets & Bases - Canals

Here’s some companies or bases from the past that I remember or have fond memories of. Some are still running but may have changed their primary service. Please use the link above to contact me with any you recall

Adelaide Marine, Norwood Green, London: Last year with a hirefleet - 2001.
Anglo Welsh - Still a multi-based operator today, who remember’s these bases:
Anglo Welsh, Aynho base: Long running Anglo Welsh base on the South Oxford, last year 1994
Anglo Welsh, Bollington base: First year 1989, last year 1993. The Cheshire base was moved to New Mills Marina for 1994
Anglo Welsh, Bristol base: First year around 1996, last year 2003. Operated in Bristol harbour.
Anglo Welsh, Dundas base: Last year 1994, although Anglo Welsh have two bases now on the Kennet & Avon, I think the one marketed as Monkton Combe is this base again, after a several year gap.
Anglo Welsh, Lower Heyford base: First year around 1997, last year 2001. Boats operated alongside the Oxfordshire Narrowboats fleet for Anglo Welsh.
Anglo Welsh, Market Harborough base: Last year as a base around 1987, though ran as the head office until 1995. Head Office moved to Bristol for 1996.
Anglo Welsh, New Mills base: First year 1994, last year 2006or7. Several of the last years saw this base only operating’one way’ craft to/from Trevor.
Anglo Welsh, North Kilworth base: First year 1992 (Formerley North Kilworth Narrowboats), last year 1999. Anglo Welsh back for 2008 at North Kilworth after a several year gap.
Anglo Welsh, Silsden base: First year: 2003, last year around 2004/5. Boats operated alongside & by Silsden Boats fleet.
Anglo Welsh, Welshpool base: Last year around 2003.
Bijou Line of Penkridge: Last year around 1995.
Black Prince Narrowboats, Multi based hirer, briefly went into recievership in 1987, quickly changed hands and emerged as Black Prince Holidays - still going today
Black Prince, Blisworth base: Last year 1982. Site became Blisworth Tunnel Boats.
Black Prince, Lower Heyford base: From around 1980 to 1988. Became Oxfordshire Narrowboats
Black Prince, Longport Wharf base:
Took over from Twinram for 1984, last year also 1984. (Boats kept but moved to other bases)
Black Prince, Napton Marina: First year 1988, last year 1998, with a year out sometime inbetween. Operated for Black Prince alongside the Gordons Pleasure Cruisers (Napton Narrowboats from 1990) fleet. The current Black Prince base at Napton is at Wigrams Turn Marina (first year 2005)
Black Prince, Oxford base:
First year 1983, last year 1987. Became Orchard Cruisers.
Black Prince, Silsden base:
First year was 1985, last year 2002. Now home to Silsden Boats
Black Prince, Stenson base: Took over from Clayton Line for 1984, last year 1985
Black Prince, Welford base: Last year 1987.
Black Prince, Whaley Bridge base: First & Last year 1986.
Black Prince, Whixall base: Once their head office this large marina is now in British Waterways hands. Black Prince’s Llangollen base has been at Chirk since 1991.
Blisworth Tunnel Boats of Blisworth: Changed hands a few times in later years, last year with hirefleet 2006.
Blisworth Tunnel Boats of Shardlow: Offered as another base from 2001, last year around 2003.
Braunston Boats of Braunston: Last year 1997.
Bridgewater Boats of Berkhampstead: Last year 2002
Brinks Boats of Worsley: Moved to Boothestown for 1997, last year 2001.
British Waterways Hirefleet, Nantwich Basin: Rebranded & colours changed for 1992 as Nantwich Canal Centre (which in turn closed at the end of 1993)
Canalboat Holidays, (previously Concoform Marine) of Weedon: Last year 2006.
Challenger Stealth Hire of Hillmorton then Market Drayton & Brundall: Last year 2007. Challenger went into recievership in early 2008.
Cheshire Boats of Anderton: First year 1992, last year 1993.
Clare Cruisers of Anderton: Last year 1991. Rebranded to Cheshire Boats for 1992, they closed at end of 1993.
Club Line Cruisers of Coventry: Last year with hirefleet 2006,
Dartline: Multi based operator: Bases at Bunbury, Tardebigge & Norbury Junction. Last year 1997. Taken over by Anglo Welsh during ‘97, boats changed to Anglo Welsh for 1998.

Adelaide Marine, 2001

British Waterways “Water Velvet”, 1991

Black Prince, Silsden base, 1992

Black Prince, Whixall base. 1990

Anglo Welsh, Bollington base. 1990

Anglo Welsh, North Kilworth base. 1998

Anglo Welsh, Lower Heyford base. 2000

Blisworth Tunnel Boats, Blisworth. 1997

Clare Cruisers. 1991

“Northland” at Dartline’s Bunbury base. 1992

Dyecraft of Scholar Green: Became Heritage Narrow Boats from 1988 after changing hands in 1987.
Eden Narrowboats of Coventry: First year around 2002, last year 2003. Became Canalbreaks from 2004.
Egerton Narrowboats of Worsley then Castlefield: Last year with hirefleet around 1994.
Empress Holidays of Nantwich: Last year 2009. Company sold and base became Welsh Gateway Canal Holidays.
English County Cruises of Wrenbury: Taken over by Alvechurch Boat Centres in in 1996, appeared as an Alvechurch base for 1997.
Evesham Marina: Last year with hirefleet 2007.
Gailey Marine of Gailey: Last year 1998. From 1999 became a Viking Afloat base.
Gordons Pleasure Cruisers of Napton: Changed hands in 1987 and became Napton Narrowboats from 1990.
Grand Waterway Voyages of Coventry then Nuneaton: Last year with hirefleet 2007. Now just building craft.
Halcyon Boating Holidays of Eynsham: First year 2002, last year 2003. Base became an Anglo Welsh base.
Jannel Cruisers of Burton-on-Trent:
Still going today, last year with hirefleet around 2005.
L&L Cruisers of Chorley: Last year around 1999
Nantwich Canal Centre of Nantwich: Rebranding of British Waterways hirefleet. First year 1992, last year 1993.
Norfolk Broads Holidays of Acle: First year 1995, last year 1996.
Orchard Cruisers of Oxford: First year 1987, last year 1991.
Red Line Boats of Goytre Wharf: Taken over by Alvechurch Boat Centres/UK Boat Hire Group during 2007.
Rosewood Narrowboats of Barden Mill: Last year 2010.
Severn Valley Cruisers of Stourport: Last year with hirefleet late 90s, company continued but went into receivership during early 2008.
Shepley Bridge Marina of Mirfield: Last year with hirefleet: 2008.
Simolda of Nantwich: Changed hands then from 2000 became Empress Holidays.
Sovereign Narrowboats of Banbury: Private looking hirefleet, last year with hirefleet mid-late ‘90s.
Staffordshire Narrowboats of Stone: Last year 2000. All boats were named after Treasure Island characters etc.
Stroudwater Cruisers of Stourport: Last year with hirefleet around 2003.
Swan Line of Fradley Junction: Last year 2003 or 2004.
Water Travel of Autherley Junction: Last year 2007. Became a Napton Narrowboats hirebase
Weltonfield Narrowboats of Daventry: Still running, last year of hirefleet around 2005.
Wessex Narrowboats of Hilperton: Taken over and became an Alvechurch Boat Centres base from 2003.
Wharfage Boat Co of Lymm: Last year around 1994.

English County’s “Goldeneye”. 2002