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2013 Holidays

April 2013 - “Gold Gem 7”, Richardsons of Stalham:

I’d survived another winter and was suffering severing boating withdrawal symptons so I was off to Norfolk before complete insanity set in!

My home for a few days was one of Richardsons older boats, chosen for her amazing price and ease of helming on my own. The boat was good value and nicely fitted for the money, and a brand new Nanni engine only added to that, and made her very quiet too.

I had been boating on my own a time or two, first discovering it almost by accident when I needed a break but no-one could get the time off. I knew this was to be just the job. Some clear thinking time to just chill out, relax and recharge the batteries! It went all too quickly but really was enjoyable and the weather was pretty good for the time of year too.

It was sad to hand her back, but at least I had the knowledge that I was now into holiday season so a few more breaks will be squeezed in before the end of October!

May 2013 - “Monte Carlo”, Richardsons of Stalham

June 2013 - “Broadlander”, Richardsons of Stalham

August 2013 - “Opal Gem 1”, Richardsons of Stalham

October 2013 - “Broads Serenade 2”, Richardsons of Stalham

October 2013 - “Tamaris 19”, Le Boat of Chertsey