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“Miss Louisa

1991 holiday

August 1991: “Nuthatch”, Alvechurch Boat Centres, Anderton

Well hoorah! Back to a weeks boating holiday after a very tough year without one!

One of my Sister’s driving lessons had led us to Anderton Marina, and in new hands for the ‘91 season with Alvechurch Boat Centres.

The boats were of very impressive standards and my Dad was soon on the phone to see what availability they had left. Their “Nuthatch” was our home for a very energetic week to Llangollen and back.

Being just twelve at the time and wanting to get as far as possible we were up and off incredibly early each morning. This early morning start was to disappear soon after, in my teenage years and has so far shown no signs of re-emerging! Mysterious!

At just 33 foot the accommodation was compact but we really loved her, and as the weather was first class we spent very little time inside anyway!