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2006 holidays

March 2006: “Melody 4”,Richardsons of Stalham.

After four months of blissful togetherness my other half suggested a few days away boating for my birthday. Despite being a bit early in the season the weather was generally dry, and Melody 4 from Richardsons, a recently refitted Bounty 34 Sedan was our home for a few days. With just the two of us onboard she was very spacious and we enjoyed pottering around the Northern Broads and spending all our time together! We moored at the Ferry Inn, Horning one night and met up with several members of the Norfolk Broads forum and had a few drinks with everyone for my birthday! Christina had made a first class birthday cake, Melody 4 style!!

August 2006: “Broadland Breeze 2” - Richardsons of Stalham
After a great holiday boating with my friends last summer we were back again for more fishing, relaxing and drinking Vodka in the Sun. Availability was tight when we booked, and we chose 35ft 4/6 berth “Broadland Breeze 2” as it had the central sliding canopy we’d liked the year before. The boat was quite compact for 5 of us, but was great value and a good time was had by all! Ian & Gibbo’s fishing was none too successful, the only Pike that was landed was possibly the smallest on record - about the size of a large hamster! This was perhaps no bad thing as, possibly by accidentally on purpose mischievousness the landed fish seemed to keep ended up slipping onto my bed! Lovely!

October 2006: “Tulip” - Wyvern Shipping Co of Linslade
A weeks boating with my parents & Josh (the doggie) was booked abourt 46ft 4 berth “Tulip” from Wyvern Shipping Co. We chose them because we wanted to explore further on the Grand Union Canal as we had enjoyed a short stretch of it when moving my boat to Whilton to be sold, in 2004. I was aware they were a good quality operation and we were not disappointed. Whilst all the reception staff perhaps needed some rather intensive training on friendliness and service with a smile all other staff were

May 2006: “Continentale”, Connoisseur of Nort-sur-Erdre (Brittany)
Two years earlier we’d loved boating in France. Keen to return we chose Connoisseur’s base in Brittany and did a weeks return trip. The boat was one of their 42ft six berths, so with just Mum, Dad and myself onboard there was plenty of space. The weather started well, and with just a couple of poorer days was pretty goof for the time of year. The waters were quieter than our last trip on the Midi, and quite remote in parts but all very enjoyable. Memorable moments included my Mum getting her high heeled shoe stuck in the open jetty just as the heavens opened!

June 2006: “San Julian”, Richardsons of Stalham
We were back on the Broads to coincide with the internet forum meet up of the-norfolk-broads.co.uk. I chose a dual steer 32ft 4/6 berth in the hope of good weather (which we got), an Aquafibre design I had long admired. Unfortunately the 80s fitout was not as well recieved by my other half as our earlier cruise on newly refitted Melody in March, and the aft cabins double bed with deck over was also not so popular. Still, the boat was quite smart for her 20 seasons or so of use and we had a nice cruise on Northern & Southern Broads.

Superb and the boats were clearly maintained to a very good standard. “Tulip” was one of their mid range craft and was very comfortable. The layout had two singles at the rear, a bathroom with sit-bath, galley off the gangway and a comfortable saloon. We had one day of torrential rain but were quite lucky otherwise. We cruised north through Milton Keynes to Whilton and back. Scenery and boat were good... A great end to another years boating. Roll on next season!